Time flies…

yes, time flies.

And I didn’t write anything on this blog since April, just before I started again for COL.
But that’s the issue when you are busy with Life and Work, right?

So what happened during the last couple of months?

First of all, as already said, I started, again, to work for COL as an Architect in the OPS department. And directly, after my second day back in the Karlsruhe Office, I was already working on a product and company acquisition. Success. Product was migrated to our infrastructure in less then 3 weeks, and was ready to be shown during the Citrix Synergy event in San Francisco (while you, fellow Ubuntians were enjoying the UDS in May in the Bay Area :))

Beginning of June I traveled to the USA. Oh well, me and the States. Difficult topic. But, you know what, I’m am actually here:

Yes, this is California, this is Santa Barbara. And no, I’m not on holiday here, but actually it feels like.
Sadly, I had to leave my family over there in Germany. Well, next time this will change.

To be honest, I had to change my whole opinion about the american people, especially here in California. I didn’t meet anybody who was unfriendly or nasty to me, this german bad boy.

I met good, friendly, open minded people, and some of them I already call ‘Friends’.
Today is actually my second month here, and I still have one month to go.

Right now I’m working on different projects. And one of these projects will be to support Ubuntu in our datacenters. Working on that is a challenge, because right now it’s only RedHat. So we have to change a lot of infrastructure. Distribution agnostic deployment system, Puppet, and other cool topics.

One of the coolest topics, but, is working with one of the FreeIPA maintainers. We need to support FreeIPA on Ubuntu, which is not that easy right now, because the state of FreeIPA in Ubuntu is more than perfect.

“But FreeIPA is a RedHat/Fedora Project” you will say, but I have to admit, that FreeIPA works (on Fedora), and it’s more then cool.
But, when there is a will, there will be also a way. And there we go.

(Linked from: http://www.stage2planning.com/blog/bid/48775/Collaboration-Always-Starts-With-Clients)
Collaboration to the rescue.
The FreeIPA Upstream team is very helpful. And having one of the contributors sitting 2 or 3 cubes away from me, is even better.

Anyways, I filed already some nasty bug reports, and we will fix them for the future.
On of the next steps should be to provide support for FreeIPA 2.2.0 (or even FreeIPA 2.3.x, which is in beta state).

Anyways, I don’t want to bore you with technical details, this will be another blog post, I’m already writing šŸ™‚

So, how is the life here in SBA, CA as a German?
(Linked from http://blog.milford.io/tag/awesome/)

Life’s easy šŸ™‚ One day you go deep sea fishing, and on the other day you fly to the Silicon Valley, San Jose with your Boss to do some datacenter work.

My greek Boss šŸ™‚

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Happy Happy Smile

And if this is not enough action, actually in SBA you can do better.

Canary Hotel, you’ll get German Erdinger Weissbier from tap.

When you are around this area, just visit the Bouchon Restaurant, this is awesome, not cheap, but the food is really, really, really (do I repeat myself???) [sounds like Jono] AWESOME!!
Especially when you are a lucky guy like me, not paying for it šŸ˜‰ And when you are even more lucky, as I was, the owner of this restaurant will speak German to you, and present you this good mexican “water”:

Anyhow, if you are missing your own country, especially the German Country, go to Brummis Restaurant, and enjoy the German hospitality.

Is it just fun to be here? No, not at all. But when you are surrounded by the sun and you palmtrees infront of your house, it is fun. Promise.

Anyhow, I’m not just here for the fun. I have to work, and I’m actually doing a lot of work.

DCĀ² is actually having a 1.0.0 release in the next upcoming weeks.
There are some bugfixes and improvements to several Debian and Ubuntu packages waiting on my disk to be pushed out to the bugtrackers.
Integration work between Ubuntu and FreeIPA, and as well some documentation on how to communicate to the FreeIPA server with remote APIs in a secure manner (with Kerberos Ticket Delegation from one host to another host and then executing commands on this one without being logged in, sounds weird? Yes, impossible? No !! And it’s fun, believe me).

And some other work on projects, you can find on Launchpad, but not in Ubuntu or Debian, like the Percona MySQL Project. They could need some help btw, with regards to a clean build system and preparing packages from upstream source for Debian/Ubuntu and RPM Based distributions.

AND!!! There is CloudStack, the Cloud Project of Citrix Inc. which was handed over to the Apache Foundation.

Anyhow, I don’t want to brag more…but I love to be here in this area. So, let’s see, it is my first trip since ages to the US, but this won’t be my last trip to the US. I could also imagine to move here.

Well, anyways in the meantime I’m working and waiting for the next big bang on August, 15th in Mountain View . Kiss, Moetley Crue and The Treatment will play a concert in the Shoreline Amphitheatre

and this is “just around the corner” so I had to book some tickets. So if you are going to, just let me know, eventually we can meet before or after the concert in Mountain View and have a drink or two šŸ™‚
On the 16th I’ll be in San Francisco ( at least that’s the plan ), if this is a place for you to meet up, you know how to get in contact šŸ˜‰

Anyways, I heard and read today, that the next UDS will be in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is awesome, and eventually I can combine a business trip to Copenhagen and visiting UDS to have some good discussions with some key people šŸ™‚

There we go. A lot of updates, good stories, awesome country.

Rock On!


Oh wow…it’s not the first time, that I’m reading a really big flamewar…but this is…AWESOME!!

Not that we are only making a fool of ourselves, no, we are just giving everybody outside of our business a picture, that most of the OpenSource people are just kids in a sandpit.

I know, I know, commercial interests are coming first, but honestly, do we need to nitpick?

There is Mark, with a clear view of what he wants to achieve on the linux desktop, and prominent spokesman of Canonical and Ubuntu.
There is GNOME, KDE, Jeff, Aaron, Jono, GregKH, Jef oh I’m too lazy to write down all the names involved.

Seriously, I’m a true believer, that the OpenSource Business as we know it, is not going to survive. We need to change things, as we did in the past, as we do now, and as we are going to do in the future. Community wise and especially in commercial business.

But what’s going on here?

We’re digging our own grave. Nobody will take us as serious business partner, when we will go on as we do right now. Not in the server market, not in the desktop market.

Really, OpenSource is about choice. If someone has a view of doing this like so, and others do have another view, let’s fork it, change it, see if it works. Other projects or stakeholders or companies will take what they need, and leave the rest to the sharks.

Nobody, right now, is without a sin. Everyone involved has something to say, whysoever, someone is pissed personally, another one is pissed, because it’s not what he or she expects to see from the other party. and so on and so on.

And then there are the fanboys and fangirls. They do have their own view, and they rattle, too (I include myself into this group, but I’m really a fan of Ubuntu, RH, SuSE so I could rattle a lot)

But really, right now, I see more destruction then cure. It’s more “You poked my eye, I’ll slice your nose”. This is really not going to help here.

We are destroying ourselves, we are throwing away a good reputation.

Hopefully we can settle all this sh*t during a conference sitting around a table with some cool drinks and smoking a pipe of peace.

Anyways, what’s amazing to see, that only pawns are fighting. Not the kings or queens. There is no Jane (Canonical) or Jim (RedHat) or Ronald (Novell)

I really would like to see, that we are going back to business. Let’s get Unity rolling, let’s improve Gnome-shell and Plasma, there is still so much to do and we all can participate and we could all have a win-win situation.

But please, let us stop this celebrity death match…there will be no winner.

My 2 Euro Cent

s/FAI Manager/\(DC\)Ā²/

Dear Datacenter Community,

I would like to present to you a new project of mine (and hopefully yours in the future):

(DC)Ā² is the new name of my “FAI Manager” project.
(DC)Ā² is the short form of “DataCenter Deployment Control”

As Michael Prokop (GRML Lead/Debian Developer/FAI Developer) reported on his blog, I presented this project during the FAI Developer Workshop at LinuxHotel, Essen, Germany.

The feedback of all attendees was very positive and also Thomas Lange, Chief FAI Developer and Project Lead FAI).

I promised to release the project as Opensource and this will happen during the next coming days.

The project will be hosted on Launchpad.net (https://launchpad.net/dc2) and therefore we will be using the different tools of Launchpad to maintain it.

Meanwhile, I’m receiving a lot of eMails because of the announcement Michael prepared, and I have to thank everyone who is interested in doing some work for it.

As mentioned before, there is an early video of the tool in action.

When you are interested in this project, you should follow the FAI mailinglist (directions are on the FAI website).

When the source is released on Launchpad, you will get the message on this blog, or on the FAI maillinglist.

I have to thank many people who were helping to get this project rolling, especially my employer Netviewer AG, which is already using the first version of this project.
Furthermore I have to thank Thomas Lange for “approving” this project as a start for a better administration console for FAI.