About Me

About me

Name: Stephan Adig, formerly Hermann
Date of Birth: Beginning of 1971
Age: Just calculate


late 80ties worked as DOS and Windows Developer
Operation of Mailboxes in several FIDO and FIDO Alike Modem Networks
Since 1992 full time user of Linux Based Distributions
1993-1999 working as CTO and System Administrator for NWU GmbH (not existent anymore)
2000-2001 working as Project Manager and Web Applications Developer for Tro:Media GmbH
2001-2001 working as Web Project/Engineering Manager EMEA for RedHat Europe
2001-2002 working as Director of Operations for Web4You GmbH (not existent anymore)
2002-2004 working as Internet System Specialist for Lycos Europe
2004-2005 working as ISP Engineer for ISH GmbH (now Unity Media)
2006-2008 working as System Administrator for ComBOTS (now Kizoo)
2008-2011 working as Senior System Administrator for Netviewer AG (now Citrix Online)
2011-2011 working as Senior System Administrator for Citrix Online GmbH
2012-2012 working as System Engineer for Inovex GmbH
2012- now working as System Administrator Architect at Citrix Online GmbH

Other things:

  • RPM Packaging Experience
  • Debian Packaging Experience
  • Gentoo Portage EBuild Experience
  • since 2005 Developer and Package Maintainer for Ubuntu
  • FAI Developer and Integrator
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • C
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • Shell Scripting
  • VMWare ESX
  • Puppet
  • XMPP, eJabberd
  • Qt
  • GTK
  • RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ
  • Java, Tomcat, JBoss
  • etc.pp. there is nothing which cannot be learned 😉