Is there a future for Ubuntu? You might be Surprised

Linux has been going through constant changes and developing for many years, and I have been its user for more than a few years.

future for UbuntuAt first, I was freaking out when I’ve heard about complete changes of my favorite operating system. But what I have learned from previous changes is that it will be good eventually and that I have nothing to worry about.

Will new changes be good for Ubuntu?

Since I’ve been coding for living for many years now, I was asking the same question like millions of Ubuntu users- Is there a future for it? The answer is YES, but it is not so simple. This system is frequently changing, and if you are looking for a static operative system, you should look elsewhere. There are many who are programming on other systems like Windows 10 or MacOS, but the popularity of Linux is growing fast.

We all heard that there would be some changes regarding Gnome succeeding Unity as a default desktop. That might be true, but this is not the first time that a significant time change, like this one, happens. Ubuntu has been changing and experimenting almost all the time since I’ve been using it. Nevertheless, I was skeptical about this one, but if you think a little bit more about this, you will realize that this is a good thing.

So far, I am more than satisfied with changes that have been made so far. Older users might remember a similar situation in 2003. When Red Hat has been dropped, and Red Hat enterprise Linux has been developed. We saw many changes like these, and after all, we “recovered” successfully. It will still be the most usable open source desktop network but with slight changes.

Some changes might surprise you!

Users who know nothing about Ubuntu might be amazed when they update to the new version. New applications, completely new desktop interface, and new interaction method – they are just some of the many changes.

Ubuntu GnomeSince Ubuntu Gnome and Ubuntu Desktop are developing resources together and focusing on one platform, this might be the idea with many benefits. But what excites me the most is the fact that there will be a bigger focus on Snaps. Snaps is one of the most popular manager packages, and I was happy to use them.

What to expect from Ubuntu in the future?

Since I’ve been a user for many years, now I can only expect changes and constant searching for perfection. New ideas and learning from previous mistakes makes us better. I’m sure that same will happen with new Ubuntu.
My advice for everybody would be to be patient and to be prepared and informed about those new changes.

It is not something that we haven’t dealt with before, and certainly not the last time. It wasn’t so scary like we thought it might be. It will take some time to get used to new changes but overall, future for Ubuntu looks bright, and with right moves, they will grow even better and bigger. I know that I am excited.