DC² in Action for Xen Server Virtual Machines

Yesterday I found the time, to show on a video how DC² actually works and what it is doing in the background (behind all that hype javascript stuff).

This video shows how to create a Xen Server virtual machine for PXE boot and what is happening when you are done with it.

There are some annotations. And don't be angry because most of the video is recorded from a VNC output of my virtualboxed Windows Workstation. It's recorded with recordmydesktop.

Everything else is running on Ubuntu 11.04.

You can't see the embedded video?

Please go directly to blib.tv to see the video.
Or download the original source from blib.tv.
Or use the blib.tv SD source.


Back in town

Since Tuesday my family and I are back in Germany, after a 4 weeks holiday in Cameroon.

The holiday was fantastic, meeting mostly all members of my family over there, and even having some adventure of having two times a shotgun pointing to my head.

Anyways, the country of Cameroon is a great place to be and the People they are great, welcoming and heartwarming.

The food is delicious. The drinks are wonderful.

But the best thing happened was coming back home and coming back to the office.

My colleagues were using my absence to work on an trailer for our team.


(Can't see the video, just go to the blog directly or go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5eZoojARb4)

Logos and Names are mostly trademarked by the companies, DC² is GPLed software written by me.
The music? I don't know...please don't shoot us :)