Short holiday in Belgium

Just a week before we are starting to our Cameroon Trip we are visiting relatives in Belgium
A good start into a long holiday season :-)


OPS@Teammeeting + Remote Meeting with US colleagues (UTC-8)

While the others (Sorry, Colleagues @ California) do have to sit in a room....

The K-OPS Team @sadigs place, look at the IPad..the Remote Meeting was already started :)


More yummy

Happy Happy People


Going to Cameroon, Visiting Family

Now we finally made it, our trip to Cameroon is set
and we finally got the tickets, just waiting for the Visa.

So, as I'm going to Cameroon it would be a good idea to meet up with some folks of the Cameroon Ubuntu Loco team.

My Family and I will be somewhere around the City of Bamenda and Njinibi Area, and hopefully we are able to catch some prepaid airtime cards for our androids, I would like to hear from you, eventually you are also in this area.

Just give me a ping on IRC or email me or catch up with me on Jabber/Google Talk/xmpp, you can find the details on https://launchpad.net/~shermann . You can even catch up with me on Facebook (Facebook User ubuntuworker)

If you are in need of a GPG signature, please bring your passport or any other identification with you, your GPG key id and your fingerprint (printed on a piece of paper) I'll do the same.

Eventually we will also find the time to have a drink or two ;) (Cameroonian Guinness or Castell is great :))

I'm happy to hear from you, get in touch.


Reminder: Puppetcamp 2011

Just a reminder for all Puppet Lovers.

Puppetcamp 2011 is approaching and there are still some tickets available.

So when you are using Puppet or when you are interested in using it, join the crowed of Puppet Lovers over there in Amsterdam.

You can see on the attendees page, there are many people from well known companies, eventually it will be a good thing talk about your experiences with them, grab a drink and do some smalltalk.

My colleague, Felix, will also be there, and he did some work on some nifty puppet modules, so catch up with him and talk to him.

Remark: I'm not affiliated with Puppetlabs, but I'm a fan of Puppet :)

Facebook - Evolution of Google?

Facebook announced opencompute.org.

And is it just me, or is Facebook copying Google or is it more an evolution of Googles ideas?


Well Done Unatty

I just updated my production workstation from Maverick to Natty.

And I was impressed with the smoothness.

Unity makes a good look even on a dual screen setup. Some glitches still, but hey, we are not final yet :)

So from me to the Unity/NUX/Integration/Foundation Team:

Well done Folks...good work as always.


Sushi no more

I don't know why Wikileaks or other whistleblower platforms didn't pushlish this eMail.
A friend of mine is working as System administrator for the White House and sent me this mail, which was received by their primary SMTP servers.

The american based Oppenheimer Institute of Nuclear Science¹ proposed this to the American Government how to save the world (especially the United States) from the nuclear disaster which is happening right now in Fukushima, Japan.


From: jroppenheimer.junior@oins.org
To: barack.obama+direct@whitehouse.hotmail.com
CC: einstein.2nd@oins.org, thebaldman@oins.org
Subject: [Risk Analysis Fukushima, Japan] Solution

Mr. President,
this is a matter of time, and we need to react ASAP to prevent an apocalypse. 
Right now, the Government of Japan and Tepco  are not able to fix the broken nuclear reactors at the Fukushima beachfront.To prevent the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Rays from reaching US territory, we need to contain the radiation. 

To do so, we are proposing this:

  • Build a conrete containment box around Japan Islands. The box should be at least 500 Meters high and the width should be round about 20km from the west coast to  20km to the east coast of Japan.
  • The walls need to be at least 5 meters thick
  • But first we need to extract the human elite of Japan, which means we need to determine the first class citizens (Scientists, Politicians, Billionairs) which are not contaminated right now.
  • We also need to rescue at least 1000 Japanese Citizens which are not contaminated (250 male, 750 female) to start a new population outside of Japan.
What are the reasons:  

    •  We can't stop the radiation in Fukushima. The reactors are totally unstable and can blow up every second. That's why we need to contain the whole islands of Japan.
    • We  calculated a loss of round about 126 Million human beings from now to the year 2036 and further. The first 10 Million because of the radiation in the first 12 months from now. The others will die of the hunger, thurst and radiation sickness in the next years. Most male and female beings will not be able to give birth to healthy children. 
    • From the informations gathered after the drop of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki there is no escape from the radiation sickness. 
    • We should prevent the extinction of the japanese race. That is why we propose to rescue the most valuable DNA species. We need at least 250 males and 750 females to start to grow a new group of strong japanese human beings.

We know, Mr. President, that these reactions are hard, and we know that you will condemn us for proposing this, but all our computer simulations are showing a real threat towards the US american state and their people. 

Not reacting now as we proposed will result in the death of hundreds of thousands of  people on the west coast of the United States.  Furthermore the DNA of the US citizens will be contaminated and result in non healthy children and people being sick from radiation, which will cost the US government billions of Dollars. 

We know, that those actions are radical, but we face a threat which never occurred during the last years even centuries of human civilization. 

We at the Oppenheimer Institute of Nuclear Science were simulating those nuclear worst case scenarios  since the 6th August 1946 and the only solution to such a matter was always the proposal we are sending you now. As you should know, those plans are also in place in cases like a nuclear war against the United States.

We are sure, that the world will criticize us first, but will thanks us later, when they understand what we did for the world.

Mr. President, we are the cure of the world, and we need to react soon to prevent a real horror scenario.

Mr. President, please let us know what you think and when we can start. You can reach me via email under jroppenheimer.junior@oins.org

Kind regards,
Julius Robert Oppenheimer Junior
VP Oppenheimer Institute of Nuclear Science
Paradise Ranch, Dreamland, Nevada


If this comes true, we are doomed. We can't let that happen. Fight this.

¹ Oppenheimer Institute of Nuclear Science