Unity and 2x 24"

Unity on 2x 24" monitors...

looks nice...


  1. How do you manager to work with the global menu on two screens? Isn't the distance between windows on the right desktop and the menu applet on the left screen two far? And how about the "aero snap" function? Do windows maximze to the right/left half of the screen, when you move them to the "middle border"?


  2. The panel is splitted over two screens, so you have on the two screens separate global menus and applets.

    Actually I don't use the snapping function. For me it's still not usable, because you can only split them over the half of the desktop. But I would like to see this snap function behave like a tiling WM.

  3. Christoph,

    Yeah you can snap by moving them to the middle border, but I usually find myself just maximizing to each panel instead.

    However on my laptop with only one screen I tend to use snap all the time.

  4. A tiling function would be awesome!

  5. The same as I have...
    My notification area looks funny: I have 2 of them, 1 on each screen. Some Icons appear on both, some (Skype, indicator-weather) only on th left, dropbox on both but only reacting to mouse clicks on the right one.
    What about you?

  6. Unity does tiling by default with the number pad and like shift and alt or something.

    As an ex-xmonad user, I think it's fabulous.
    The only thing I want that it doesn't do is let me resize two adjacent windows simultaneously by grabbing the border between them and moving it.

  7. Does the menu bar for the active app show up on the screen the window is on, or both screens, or always on left?

  8. Wow, the dual panels gives me hope that I won't hate Unity on my dual-screen desktop. Thanks for posting :)

  9. @Nicolas:

    it showing on the screen where the window is on.

  10. @Ethan:

    the ctrl+alt+numpad doesn't work at my place.
    Wonder why.