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Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

Re: Red Hat, Canonical and GNOME contributions


forgetting the "yadayada" about contributions of companies to the gnome project, I think it is the first time in one of your many blog posts, that you declared "Ubuntu, our primary product is a GNOME desktop..."

I think we have now more trouble coming up:

1. Ubuntu is a Product of Canonical (which is for me one of the points I'm using Ubuntu in a commercial environment, but feeds other trolls)
2. GNOME is and will be more pushed then other desktop environments inside the Canonical/Ubuntu universe by the product owner. (if this is being read as I interpretated it right now, there will be many people who are really going to be p*ssed)

I smell a follow up ;)

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PS: writing it as blog post, because jonos blog doesn't want to accept comments from my ip or whatever...


Sourcecode of (DC)² is now available

As promised to my fellow FAI Developers and others,
I prepared the source to be GPL compatible and pushed the sources to launchpad.net

There is no documentation yet, so therefore you will have problems with getting this project running. The documentation will be published later.

Please stay tuned.

Location of the sources: http://launchpad.net/dc2

Oh come on...

I'm not really into this twitter or status.net thing, but when there is time, I do read my streams.

And this morning I stumbled upon this idiot named  . I mean, I do like satire but you know, people doing satire are doing it the "intelligent" way, not in a rude way like this http://identi.ca/conversation/42178905#notice-42468172 .

I'm really disappointed about this. Sorry, but it's always like that, people who have success do have grudgers all over the show.  But sadly, those idiots do harm the project and the reputation of a good business opportunity like Ubuntu.

On a sidenote: Please put Dell back on the Planet. I'm interested in their Ubuntu Business, and I would wish that more companies will post their experience and business opportunities to planet.ubuntu.com, regarding Ubuntu.
If this is not possible because of some strange, not changeable policy, I think it's time for another RSS aggregator for more in depth informations from commercial and professional people and/or companies/organisations.


s/FAI Manager/\(DC\)²/

Dear Datacenter Community,

I would like to present to you a new project of mine (and hopefully yours in the future):

(DC)² is the new name of my "FAI Manager" project.
(DC)² is the short form of "DataCenter Deployment Control"

As Michael Prokop (GRML Lead/Debian Developer/FAI Developer) reported on his blog, I presented this project during the FAI Developer Workshop at LinuxHotel, Essen, Germany.

The feedback of all attendees was very positive and also Thomas Lange, Chief FAI Developer and Project Lead FAI).

I promised to release the project as Opensource and this will happen during the next coming days.

The project will be hosted on Launchpad.net (https://launchpad.net/dc2) and therefore we will be using the different tools of Launchpad to maintain it.

Meanwhile, I'm receiving a lot of eMails because of the announcement Michael prepared, and I have to thank everyone who is interested in doing some work for it.

As mentioned before, there is an early video of the tool in action. 

When you are interested in this project, you should follow the FAI mailinglist (directions are on the FAI website).

When the source is released on Launchpad, you will get the message on this blog, or on the FAI maillinglist.

I have to thank many people who were helping to get this project rolling, especially my employer Netviewer AG, which is already using the first version of this project.
Furthermore I have to thank Thomas Lange for "approving" this project as a start for a better administration console for FAI.


FAI Developer Workshop at LinuxHotel, Essen, Germany

Last week, during my last days off from office work, I attended the FAI Developer Workshop at the famous LinuxHotel in Essen, Germany.
First of all, I have to thank Thomas 'MrFai' Lange for the invitation and again for the very good and relaxing location. If you do have the possibility to visit the City of Essen, just visit the LinuxHotel. It's nice and peaceful and have a lot of Tux' around the hotels green area.
On Friday all FAI interested developers were coming to Essen and we had our first introduction round. You can read more about the FAI Developer Workshop and the outcomes on Michael Prokops blog.

On Saturday I had the pleasure to introduce and show off my project "FAI Manager" (this name is not settled, so if you have a nicer name, write me an email). You can watch this tool in action on blib.tv.
The good thing what happens now is that many commcercial and non-commercial organisations do want to provide help and want to give back some more work to the community regarding this project. This is awesome and I have to thank them all for their interest.
After we find a good name for this project, I'll open up a project on Launchpad.net and push all sources to a bazaar repository, so everyone can fetch it to work on it.
The project will be released under GPLv2 or GPLv3, I'm not quite sure which one it will be.


Decreasing my work load

If you can read this post, then it means that my new blog is up and running.

In the last months and weeks I started to think about my work load and how I can decrease it.
I came to the solution that I have to stop some things I'm normally doing in my sparetime.

First, as my rooty died, I didn't renew the contract. So everything on the rootserver is gone and will never come back. Therefore no xmpp services, no webservers, no mailservers nothing anymore.

Second, Google is not evil, so I moved most of my domains to Google Apps for Domains regarding my mail stuff. It worked like a charm and it helps me to save money and to save time.

Third, concentrate on the projects I really do care about. This means, doing some work on some Ubuntu packages I care for (zend-framework, other small things), working on FAI and my pet project the "fai manager" (name is not settled yet), starting to be more involved in Debian work. This is not much, but this is really only the stuff I do want to work on, regarding my spare time (sparetime = 24h - (familiy time + working + sleeping time)).

Fourth, taking more time off from work and hobby to spend this saved time with my familiy.

Five, visiting more special workshops and conferences, which could be  really important for me, my work and my hobby.