Sun Java6 Packages [updated]

Update: The packages are working like a charm.

Today I needed sun-java6 packages for Maverick.
But since Ubuntu 10.04 LTS the sun-java6 packages are not anymore in the standard archives of Ubuntu. Instead the packages are distributed via the partner archive of Canonical.

So far so good, until I found out, there are no packages inside the partner repository for Maverick.

So, I took the last available package, checked the rules file, and started to create a new version of this package.

You can find the result on a new team PPA which you can find here: https://launchpad.net/~sun-java-community-team/+archive/sun-java6

Right now, I just can say, they are building under maverick on amd64 and i386. Inside the PPA buildservers this will take another 11 hours or so.

I didn't test the installation on my system, but will do so today.

But I really wonder, why we don't provide updated packages until now.

@Doko, you can take the packages from the PPA and take them for the Partner Archive.

During the next days, I'll push the new version of the package as well for Lucid to the PPA.

Have a nice weekend :)


  1. That's really sad. Last time I checked, OpenJDK was nowhere near compatible to sun-jdk6 (nor is it supposed to be?) so there really isn't any real alternative bar using your afformentioned ppa/download jdk manually...

  2. Arik is right. OpenJDK has made huge progress but isn't ready for prime time yet.

    - Kevin

  3. As far as I can see, openjdk (and icedtea plugin) are delivering perfectly adequate service for the majority of Ubuntu users.

  4. I thought Sun Java's license makes it illegal to upload to a PPA sine the PPA ToS doesn't allow uploading of non-free software?

  5. @Jonathan:

    I don't think that the DLJ distribution is non-free, eventually in terms of Ubuntu better suited inside Multiverse (we had that already). There are things left out, so you cannot build the class libs from source.

    Anyways, if this is against the ToS, I'm happy to remove that, as long there is enough energy that Canonical can provide updated packages for Sun Java.

    OpenJDK is far from production ready, speaking from as a software company developing in Java only.

    Furthermore, there are still problems with OpenJDK and Windows.

  6. @Anonymous:
    Quote: "As far as I can see, openjdk (and icedtea plugin) are delivering perfectly adequate service for the majority of Ubuntu users."

    Well, there are not only hobby Ubuntu users out there, more likely there are more people outside, who are using Java (Suns distribution of Java in this case) for developing software.

    OpenJDK is far from stable and is missing some functionality which Suns release has.

  7. uhm, i never really understood this thing...
    can please someone correct where i'm writing something wrong?

    Openjdk started as the opensourced jvm produced by sun with gpl license; unfortunately some bits of the sun jvm weren't redistributable as open source (mainly in the hotspot jit).
    Now, the sun jvm is built upon the openjdk sources, and also the hotspot is gpl licensed, and, judging from the wikipedia section, the class library is feature complete, with possible problems only with the new code for antialiasing, fonts rendering and color management.
    (the java plugin and the web launcher are missing, but this shouldn't matter for server development, it seems also there's missing support for snmp, but it's not part of the specification and by googling i see at least one oss implementation of it).
    So, it seems that all that's brought by icedtea is the plugin, and the initial bootstrapping of the first openjdk build (so that since then is now selfbuildable with only oss).
    Now i was looking for updated information on the sun/oracle site, but due to the transition now it's a mess of broken links.
    So, based on this it seems that the openjdk incompability argument is moot, and in fact i had more compability problems when i had to write code to run on the macosx jvm than with openjdk... but otoh, i never had the need to write code that had to deal with font rendering and antialiasing.

    Thank you @ anyone that could explain me what i'm missing

  8. Looks like i can finally update the tutorial, thanks.

  9. The packages are working great. Thanks.

    Finally a decent JDK in Maverick!

  10. As much as I love Free Software... for every thing I've ever needed Java for, openJDK did not cut it when I needed it to.

    This includes GUI remote control apps to interface with my Android phone on Ubuntu, Android development proper, the typing test web applet on hi-games.net, various things for Java classes I've taken, and so on and so forth. Seriously. For all MY intents and purposes, if I don't have Sun (Oracle) Java, I don't have Java.

  11. "Tech Chat - Rich Sharples on OpenJDK" is a relevant article.

  12. are you planning to support this ppa for previous versions of ubuntu (like 8.04LTS and 10.04LTS)?!

  13. @Andrey:

    Lucid and Hardy are now also in the PPA.
    Hardy right now builds, lucid is ready for testing.