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Dear Datacenter Community,

I would like to present to you a new project of mine (and hopefully yours in the future):

(DC)² is the new name of my “FAI Manager” project.
(DC)² is the short form of “DataCenter Deployment Control”

As Michael Prokop (GRML Lead/Debian Developer/FAI Developer) reported on his blog, I presented this project during the FAI Developer Workshop at LinuxHotel, Essen, Germany.

The feedback of all attendees was very positive and also Thomas Lange, Chief FAI Developer and Project Lead FAI).

I promised to release the project as Opensource and this will happen during the next coming days.

The project will be hosted on Launchpad.net (https://launchpad.net/dc2) and therefore we will be using the different tools of Launchpad to maintain it.

Meanwhile, I’m receiving a lot of eMails because of the announcement Michael prepared, and I have to thank everyone who is interested in doing some work for it.

As mentioned before, there is an early video of the tool in action.

When you are interested in this project, you should follow the FAI mailinglist (directions are on the FAI website).

When the source is released on Launchpad, you will get the message on this blog, or on the FAI maillinglist.

I have to thank many people who were helping to get this project rolling, especially my employer Netviewer AG, which is already using the first version of this project.
Furthermore I have to thank Thomas Lange for “approving” this project as a start for a better administration console for FAI.

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